Write For Mobomedix

Write For Mobomedix

Hi There! We are excited you would like to write for Mobomedix.

Our Objective:

We’re always interested in relevant, engaging and unique content that aligns with our brand voice and objectives.

If you’d like to write for Mobomedix, please read the information on this page carefully before submitting your article idea/brief.

Mobomedix.net provides health, wellness and lifestyle information, tools and tips for trendy and tech savvy young adults. Typically our articles will either be informational pieces on a certain topic or subject, revealing facts or lists relating to topics of interest to our audience, or a humor-toned opinion piece on an aspect of wellness, fitness, health or living and lifestyle.

Our Editorial goal:

To provide our audience with relevant, helpful, informative and engaging content that helps young adults seeking to stay healthy and well while maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

To have the best chance of your content idea or completed article being accepted and getting published, please follow the below guidelines exactly.

  • Search this website to check whether we’ve already covered the topic you’re pitching. If so, your article needs to bring a significant new perspective to the topic.
  • For a list of current known requirements, see the list lower on this page. You don’t need to stick to one of these however, we’re more excited to hear your own ideas!
  • We don’t accept content that has previously been published elsewhere, or that will be published elsewhere. All submissions are also checked for plagiarism.
  • We don’t accept content that simply serves to link to you (or your client’s) website. If in doubt, we’ll add a “nofollow” to external links from submitted articles
  • Please submit all content pitches via our contact page, ensure to use “Article Submission” as the subject of your message.
  • Begin your pitch with the title of the article you’d like to pitch – lifestyle/opinion articles should grab our attention, informational articles should be clearly relevant to a topic that our audience are likely to search for.
  • Send us the first paragraph of your article, and an outline of the rest.
  • In a sentence or two, explain the angle of your piece – why will it engage with our readers?
  • Include 3-4 links to other relevant content you’ve had published online (your own blog is ok). If you haven’t been published before, that’s fine – but please let us know.
  • Only submit a pitch for a specific article once. You’re welcome to submit multiple separate article pitches.

If we’re interested in publishing your article, we’ll notify you of approval, delivery deadline, and any other relevant information. Depending on the volume of articles we have awaiting publication, accepted content will generally be published within 7 days.

If your article is published, Mobomedix will retain the rights to republish or reuse the material in the future (with an author credit to you).

What You Get:

At the moment, we do not offer payment to authors and contributors on our site. However, we give full credits for the high quality articles on our blog as well as on social media to all our authors, enabling them build their writing portfolio.

Style Guide

Style Guide

Mobomedix has a global audience, but primarily caters to a mostly American, European and African audience and our content reflects this. Contributors from different countries are asked to use British English (colour vs color), and avoid information relevant only to other countries (e.g. US laws, medical system, educational system or cultural references like Thanksgiving, etc).

Our editorial style for informational content is conversational, engaging, friendly and actionable – think “knowledgeable friend having an active conversation”. Informational pieces should be written in an accessible, easy to understand way and MUST be well-researched and cited with trustworthy sources where appropriate. Where relevant, include helpful tips that the reader can quickly understand and use directly.

For examples of informational content we’d consider as good exemplars, check out “10 Workout Exercises For Pregnant Moms Looking To Burn Fat” and “Weight Loss: 20 Foods You Should Be Eating Regularly“.

Lifestyle/opinion pieces may contain personal stories or valid references that connect with our readers, and provoke a reaction. They should leave a reader thinking “I’ve got to share this!”

Pictures, Videos, GIFs and any other Media shared on our website MUST be copyright-free/royalty-free/FREE (stock) images such as are available on sites like Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash and other similar platforms.

All submitted content should be in a “web format” via PDF or MS Word or as a weblink on GoogleDrive/DropBox/Box submitted via email to editor[at]mobomedix.net. This means skimmable sub-headings, easily digestible paragraphs and bullet lists where appropriate. Articles should cover one clear subject or narrative.

Most accepted articles are in the 700-1,500 words range. We may accept exceptional articles shorter or longer than this.

We’re a non-religious, non-partisan website. Our content does not mention politics or religion unless it’s objective information relevant to the article. If in doubt, check or avoid.

Best of luck!

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