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This Device Can Detect Body Odor – You Might Want To Check It Out!

Super high temperatures and humid weather characteristic of sunny seasons can lead to very embarrassing outcomes. Sunny seasons and crowded areas are a bad combo, meaning one is likely to come in contact with a lot of sweaty bodies and ultimately body odours.

Sweaty armpits and all that heat can lead to smelly bodies which some people may not be able to discover. Worse yet, if your deodorant or body spray is working really hard, you may never know what’s going on underneath.

This smart device known as an “electronic nose” and made by Japanese company, Tanita can very well help you detect body odour right underneath your clothing.

How Does Tanita’s Electronic Nose Work?




The ES-100 electronic nose works just the same way alcohol breathalyzers work in detecting alcohol in the breath of drivers. Tanita, which also makes breathalyzers made the ES-100 to help detect body odour when it seems difficult to detect.

The ES-100 electronic nose works by using sensors tuned to detect particular chemical compounds responsible for the unpleasant smell often emanating from armpits and other parts of the body with high concentrations of sweat glands.

Under armpits and sweaty necks are usually the big culprits for those nasty stains and smells under the collars and armpits of shirts and inner tees.

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The ES-100 which is a small hand-held device sniffs the armpits and other sensitive parts of the body. The handheld electronic smell checker makes checking for body odour pretty exact and straightforward.

It measures the intensity of their body odor on a scale from 0 to 10 and then assigns a numerical stink ranking.

How To Use the ES-100 Electronic Nose



The ES-100, which looks a lot like an antique pager, features a fold-out arm that you hold near an area of suspected odor. It takes about 10 seconds for the device to work its magic, at which point it delivers its verdict about your level of body odor on a scale of one to 10—10 meaning it’s time to reapply your deodorant, and one meaning you’ve probably spent the day hiding out in an air conditioned office.

To use it, simply power it on, extend the sensor, and point it towards whatever part of your body might be radiating something more than charisma. The process takes about 10 seconds, after which you’ll get the numeric result.

What If Someone’s Got a Perfume or Deodorant On?


If someone has got on some strong perfume or deodorant, would the ES-100 still detect smells? Not to worry! It really doesn’t matter to Tanita’s electronic nose if someone is drenched in some sweaty smell or in perfume, it still works the same.

According to the makers, since the ES-100 measures the intensity of smell emanating from a person’s body, it is equally as effective in notifying users if they’ve applied too much perfume or deodorant.

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Although the company says the product is targetted mainly at working class men between the ages of 40 and 50 who are particularly concerned about body odours and how they smell at work, the device could still be useful for the ladies.

The ES-100 electronic nose is not only recommended for office environments, but also for dating situations when one wants to be certain that they are smelling nice before stepping out to functions where they expect to closely interact with people.

What It’s Worth and Where To Buy The ES-100 Electronic Nose?

If you find the ES-100 on the shelf at your local retail store o on the internet, the price might vary. However, the company’s other smell checkers currently sell for between $30 (N 11,000) and $40 (N 15,000).

Not a huge spend if you want to be double sure you’re A-OK before stepping out, or want to gift someone so they don’t embarrass themselves at work or at that office gig.

Press Release Source: Tanita

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