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Mourning Routines For Skin

Want Perfect Healthy Skin? These Secret Morning Skincare Rituals Should Work

Starting the day with that fresh, smooth and glowing skin is every person’s intimate fantasy. It takes a lot of a attention, time and care to keep one’s skin healthy.

The way your skin looks and feels can tell a lot about your state of health. It makes sense then to do all that is needful to keep one’s skin healthy and looking good.

Interestingly, some of the best beauty and skincare experts believe that your morning routine plays a huge role in determining how well your skin will eventually turn out over time.

If you’ve been wondering what exactly it is you need to do, to have and maintain a healthy, smooth and ever-fresh skin, then read on.

We’ve outlined 15 very simple morning routines recommended by skincare experts and professionals guaranteed to make you look and feel awesome!

#1 Get Enough Sleep

Sleep Enhances Healthy Skin

You wake up in the morning and look yourself in the mirror: eyes are baggy, face looks sullen, and it looks like you’re about to have a bout of breakout.

The night before, you watched movies or did some work till late, and barely had four hours of sleep. Well, that’s probably one of the reasons why your skin isn’t glowing as you’d want.

Getting a great, healthy skin starts with how you well you rest your body. Sleep is not only necessary but also therapeutic. The human body needs at least 7 hours of sleep for it to be well rested and healthy.

When you sleep, your body begins to circulate blood and nutrients around and to your skin. This is when the skin gets the nourishment it needs to regenerate and maintain itself.

The less sleep you have, the more baggy eyes, dark circles and wrinkles you get.

#2 Wash Dirt Off

Wash Dirt Off Your Skin

All through the day, your skin comes in contact with millions of germs and bacteria. When you wash or take a shower is the chance your body gets to be rid of these germs that prevent your skin from being super healthy.

For the ladies who wear a lot of cosmetic products, especially on the face, it is advisable to wash off all of your cosmetics and make up before going to bed. When you leave these on your face without washing off the night before, they end up clogging up your pores and not letting your skin breathe.

Also, make-up which contains lots of chemicals when it stays on your face overnight could be harmful to the delicate skin cells on your face. Then when you wake up, as part of your morning routine, be sure to wash off your face again before taking a bath or going forward with your day.

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That way, your pores do not get clogged up with harmful chemicals, germs do not stay overnight on your skin, and your skin stays healthy and feels fresh.

#3 Drink Some Water

Lady Drinking Water

Water, they say, is life. And truly, most of the human body’s chemical composition consists of water – around 60% according to science.

Through the course of the day, your body loses water by sweating, excretion or dehydration, and such at the end of the day your body’s water balance becomes poor. To set your body’s water balance back to normal and also improve your metabolism, drink some water when you wake up in the morning.

Also, a very important point to mention is the fact that a number of toxic products, chemicals and germs come in contact with your skin. Drinking the right amount of water every day and excreting same helps your body get rid of waste products and toxic substances thus keeping your skin healthy and fresh.

Some experts recommend drinking a glass of warm lemon water first thing in the morning as it helps to lubricate your internal organs. Putting some fresh lime into warm water and a few drops of honey (if you want to tone down the zing a bit) is healthy for your stomach and intestines, helping you digest food and absorb nutrients better.

#4 Treat Your Skin

Gently Brush, Moisture and Treat Your Skin


Imagine for a minute that your skin was like that soft, smooth, velvety surface of your favorite outfit, and you are moving your hand over it trying to brush off any specks or dust sitting on it.

That’s the same way you should treat your skin. Pamper it a bit, by giving it some treatment to stay fresh, healthy and glowing.

You can start by brushing softly with a dry loofah, soft sponge, or any other brush designed for scrubbing, gently moving over the surface and centering around the chest (heart) area.

If your skin is flaky and dry, this Ayurvedic therapy of brushing not only helps make you feel smoother but also helps improve blood circulation and shed off dead skin cells. This is one easy way to exfoliate your skin and get rid of the dirt and germs that pile up and clog your pores.

Want Healthy, Fresh and Glowing Skin? Pamper It!

You can do this quickly before stepping into the shower, starting up from your toes and arms, working all the way in up to your torso, at least once every three days.

It’ll amaze you how smooth your skin will feel after you’re done bathing and have toweled down everything. You can then rub on some moisturizer to keep your skin fresh and supple. When moisturizing, it’s always better to stay organic and use one with natural ingredients and avoid those with harsh chemical compounds that could damage your skin in the long term.

#5 Have Fresh Juice

Woman Drinking Juice

What’s better than one glass of fresh natural orange juice flavored with carrots and pineapples first thing in the morning? Two glasses! That’s right. Smoothies are super healthy bursts of freshness for your skin, especially when you have them fresh in the morning.

Some fitness and weight loss experts even suggest having smoothies with a rich blend of veggies like kale, cucumber, aloe vera, spinach and other leafy green vegetables before you do your morning workout routine.

Fruits like oranges, grapes and lemon contain citrus and are very rich in Vitamin C which possesses antioxidant properties that are great for healthy skin. They also help restore broken collagen on your skin and reduce hair loss.

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Carrots too are amazing as they contain a very important ingredient, carotene which helps to lighten your skin naturally giving it a bright tone. The veggies to are great antioxidants helping nourish your body with phytonutrients, minerals, fiber and boost your energy levels getting you ready for a great day.

#6 Practice Smiling To Yourself


Smiling is not only good for others but very good for you as well. When you smile, you not only exercise your facial muscles, your body also releases feel-good substances such as dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin which not only make you feel better but even look better.

According to scientists, smiling naturally lifts your face and makes you look at least 3 years younger than you actually are. Some studies suggest that people who smile more often, tend to live younger than their peers by a factor of about 7 years.

Smiling to yourself in front of the mirror every morning not only helps improve your mental psyche but also relieves stress, relaxes your body and helps your immune system respond quicker, ultimately benefiting your face and entire body.

You age slower and stay younger while revving up your self-esteem and confidence when you affirm yourself in front of the mirror.

Now that you’ve gotten enough sleep, brushed off the dirt, drank some lemon water, pampered your skin, and sipped some fresh juice smoothie, it’s time to go ahead and have a super day looking fresh and healthy!

Want Perfect Healthy Skin? These Secret Morning Skincare Rituals Should Work 1

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