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Want To Build A Six-Pack Abdomen? Try These 6 Exercises

It’s that time of the year when most of us are fired up and still very energetic about our goals and new year resolutions. If getting six-packs is one of your goals for the year, then you will find this article very helpful.

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Let’s dive in!

It doesn’t matter if you’re at the beach, hanging out with friends, or even at your local gym, some nice six-packs and a flat tummy will always grab attention.

How can you build some nice six-packs in 6-weeks?  Let’s look at 5 exercises that you can work on over the next 6-weeks to build some cool six-pack!


sit ups

One of the most basic exercises you must do to build your six-packs are sit-ups.

You can do them on your own, right at home, or at the gym with the help of someone or a machine/medicine ball.
Sit-ups work to help develop and shape the External oblique, Intercostal, and Pectineus muscles of your abdominal wall.

First, Take a sit on the floor and then you could hold a medicine ball firmly over your abdomen, while keeping your two legs up and arched at about 70º.

Keep moving your feet up towards your head and pull your hands from your head towards your legs in back and forth rhythmic fashion.

You can split your pumps into sets of 5s, 10s or 20s, depending on your endurance level.


Another exercise that can help you build up your six-packs are the crunches.

You could use the Ab Crunch Machine, Cable Crunch or otherwise stay in position on the floor and carry out the routine.

However, it is recommended to use the ab crunch machine for better outcomes.

Crunches help to shape and build the upper and lower rectus abdominus muscles.

If you’re not using a machine, simply lie flat on your floor mat, arch your needs towards your head and pull your thighs into your abdomen as far as you can.

Next, bring your elbows (also arched a an angle) from your head to meet your knees.

Do this in sequences of 5s and 10s as you can.

Alternatively, if you’re using the ab crunch machine, first set up the weights at the back appropriate to your body mass index (BMI).

As you push your arms and shoulder weights, compressing your abdominal walls while pulling the leg weights up, focus on squeezing your squeezing and tightening your rib cage and pelvis together.

Pull-in Planks

plank position

Pull-in planks are another exercise you can work on to build your six-packs. You can do them with or without the medicine ball.

Here, as you position yourself in the plank position, your focus is on compressing your knees, thighs and pelvis in a position that tightens and contracts your abdominal walls.

When you pull in, hold your legs in that position for a few seconds, then release.

This helps to build and shape your lower rectus abdominus muscle.


leg tucks

Similar to the sit-ups is the leg-tucks.

Here, you take a sitting position on a firm bench. You hold on to the sides for support, arch your back at a 45º angle.

Then you pull in your knees towards your head, while pushing your chest towards your knees.

When they come really close, hold still in this position for a few seconds , then gently pus back our knees and torso to start position.

You can literally feel your abdominal muscles crunch together as the tummy fat burns and the muscles build.

Hanging Knee

hanging knee exercise

Another very effective exercise that can very quickly help build your six-pack is the hanging knee exercise.

It works effectively to shape and build the lower rectus abdomius muscle.

Secure your arms in arm harnesses (if available) or otherwise on a firm stationary overhead rod at the height of or slightly higher than your raised hand above your head.

Allow yourself to hang loosely on the metal, ensuring that your legs are held firmly together.

Then, begin pulling your knees up towards your chest all the while keeping your legs held tightly together.

When your knees get as close to your chest as you possibly can, hold them in that position for at least 2 seconds while squeezing your abdominal muscles.

Next, slowly restore your knees back to their initial position. Repeat the routine for at least 15 minutes.


V Ups Exercise

Lastly, but perhaps one of the most difficult exercises to build your six-pack is the V-ups.

It works mainly to build and shape the lower rectus abdominus muscle.

Here, you lie face up on the floor with your hands raised over your head and palms facing up, while your feet and thighs are slightly raised but not touching the floor.

Next, you raise your feet up without arching your knees and at the same time bring your palms to touch the tip of your toes.

Once your fingers touch your toes, you hold in place for 2 seconds then return to start position.

You repeat sequence for 15-20 minutes.

Want To Build A Six-Pack Abdomen? Try These 6 Exercises 1

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